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About Oma and Opa

Joni and Greg

Oma and Opa Baby was born in the winter of 2015 to a husband and wife team, Joni and Greg. We are located in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul where the winters are long and cold but the summers make up for it (most of the time!). With our children turning into young adults, leaving the nest, and settling down we knew it was time to change gears and do something we always dreamed of...

Start a business!

We wanted high quality, premium baby products for our grandchildren that were safe, comfortable, durable, and fashionable. They were so difficult to find, we decided we could design and create them ourselves.

Oma and Opa Baby was born!

We also hand pick premium baby products that are just perfect for you and your little ones.

We invite you to try our products and see first hand how well made they are. You have our guarantee that you (and they) will love them!

- Joni and Greg

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